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Skyhigh Security

Create a List

You can create lists of your own in addition to those that were implemented on the appliance at the initial setup or when you imported a list from the library.

Creating a list includes the following two steps:

  • Adding a new list
  • Filling the new list with entries

Add a new list

You can add a new list that you fill with entries later.

  1. Select Policy | Lists.
  2. On the lists tree, navigate to the position where you want to add the list.
  3. Click Add on the toolbar.
    The Add List window opens, with the Add List tab selected.
  4. Use the following items to configure general settings for the list:
    • Name — Name of the list
    • Comment — [Optional] Plain-text comment on the list
    • Type — List for selecting a list type
  5. [Optional] Click the Permissions tab and configure who is allowed to access the list.
  6. Click OK.
    The Add List window closes and the new list appears on the lists tree.
  7. Click Save Changes.

You can now fill the list with entries.

Fill a list with entries

When you have added a new list on the appliance, you need to fill it with entries.

  1. Select Policy | Lists.
  2. From the lists tree, select the list you want to add entries to.
  3. Click Add on the settings pane.
    The Add <List type> window opens, for example, the Add String window.
  4. Add an entry in the way it is done for a particular list type.
  5. [Optional] In the Comment field, type a plain-text comment on the list entry.
  6. Click OK.
    The Add <List type> window closes and the entry appears in the list.
  7. Click Save Changes.
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