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Prepare Common Catalog Lists

To prepare Common Catalog lists that are pushed from a Trellix ePO server to a Web Gateway appliance, complete the following high-level steps.

  1. Set up an account for a Trellix ePOuser on Web Gateway.
  2. Set up an administrator account with the same user name and password on Web Gateway.
  3. Enable use of the REST interface on Web Gateway.
  4. Import the Bypass ePO Requests rule set from the library on the user interface of Web Gateway, move it to the topmost position of the rule sets tree, and enable it.
  5. Download a Trellix ePO extension package for Web Gateway and install it on the Trellix ePO server.
  6. On the user interface of the Trellix ePO server, register a new server for communication with Web
  7. Gateway, specifying an appliance that Web Gateway runs on.
    On the dashboard of the user interface, you should see, after about 15 minutes, data on web traffic that is processed on Web Gateway.
  8. Push lists from the Trellix ePO server to Web Gateway.

You should see the lists that you have pushed to Web Gateway on the lists tree of its user interface.

For more information on how to install a Trellix ePO extension package and perform activities on the Trellix ePO server, refer to Trellix ePO documentation.

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