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Resize the Cache Volume

Logical volumes for web caching and for storing temporary and log files can be resized on an appliance using a wizard.

After Web Gateway has been installed on an appliance, the logical volume for web caching is larger than that for storing temporary and log files. The appliance volume wizard is provided, which allows you to change this sizing and provide more disk space for storing temporary and log files.

Volume size is shown on the wizard pages in GiB. Before the resizing, sizes could be, for example, as follows:

  • Web cache volume: 197 GiB
  • Temporary and log files volume: 40 GiB

After the resizing the size relation is inverted:

  • Web cache volume: 40 GiB
  • Temporary and log files volume: 197 GiB

The wizard guides you through the resizing when you set up a Web Gateway appliance for the first time. After completing work with the configuration wizard that is provided for configuring initial system settings, the appliance restarts and the wizard appears.

If the wizard process is interrupted, you can restart it from the command line of a system console using the following command:


When the yum upgrade command is used to set up an appliance, the wizard must also be started manually.

The path and file name for the main log that records the activities of the wizard are /var/log/resize-cache.log.

If the resizing has already been performed on an appliance, the wizard displays a corresponding message.

If you still need to resize the appliance volumes, contact Skyhigh Support.

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