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Skyhigh Security


The SWG 12.2.0 supports integration with Trellix Virtual Execution (VX). Initially, Web Gateway scans the web object for viruses or other malware. If any malicious object found, then it sends for additional scanning to Trellix VX. Trellix VX determines if the web object is malicious or not and provides a detailed analysis report. Based on the results received from Trellix VX, you can take the decision to either block or allow the web object on SWG.

  • After a web object has been scanned by Web Gateway for infections by viruses or other malware, it can additionally be scanned by Trellix Virtual Execution.
  • New rulesets have been added in RuleSet Library that allows you to use this feature and submit objects for scanning.
  • Based on the result received from VX, you can take the decision to either block or allow the web object on SWG.
  • VX integration in SWG can be used in two modes for which rulesets are present in SWG: Forward a web object depending on the additional scanning or Forward the web object before the additional scanning.
  • Several properties have been exposed in UI for VX (further explanation present in later sections).
  • Logging and Error Handler rulesets have been added for troubleshooting.
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