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Main and Controlled Releases

New versions and updates of the Web Gateway appliance software are provided as main or controlled releases. The upgrade procedure is different for both types of releases.

When a new version has been developed for Web Gateway, it is provided as a controlled release. This means that this version is not yet considered stable.

With every update that follows a new version, Web Gateway development resolves issues that still occurred. After a few updates are released with issues resolved, an update follows that is first provided as a controlled and then as a main release, which means the updated version is now considered stable.

All following updates are also provided as main releases.

Sample version with main and controlled releases

  • 7.7.2 new version — controlled release
  • update — controlled release
  •, update — controlled release
  • update — controlled release
  • update — main release
  • update — main release
  • all further updates — main releases

Choosing an upgrade pattern

When new versions and updates are released, you can:

  • Upgrade to all new versions and updates, including main and controlled releases
  • Upgrade only to updates that are released as main releases

If you want to benefit from the new features and enhancements that a particular new version provides, you might prefer not to wait until an update of this version is provided as a main release.

Then you will rather upgrade to a new version immediately or to one of its first updates. You can also upgrade to any new version or update without following a pattern.

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