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Groups of JSON Properties

Many JSON properties are similar to other properties in that they are used to perform the same kind of data handling activity.

The JSON.From<x> properties, for example, JSON.FromString, deliver a JSON element that has the value of a simple data type. The value of the simple data type is specified as the parameter of the JSON property.

The following are some important groups of JSON properties:

  • JSON.From<x> = Delivers a JSON element that has the value of a simple data format

    Properties: JSON.FromString, JSON.FromNumber, JSON.FromBool, JSON.FromStringList, JSON.FromNumberList
  • JSON.As<x> = Delivers the value of a JSON element in a simple data format

    The properties of this group are used to perform an operation that is the reverse of what the JSON.From<x> properties do.

    For these properties to work correctly, the format of the JSON element must match the simple data format.

    For example, the JSON.AsString property will only deliver a (simple) string if the value of the JSON element is a (JSON) string.

    Properties: JSON.AsString, JSON.AsNumber, JSON.AsBool
  • JSON.Create<x> = Creates a JSON object, array, or the element value 0.

    Properties: JSON.CreateObject, JSON.CreateArray, JSON.CreateNull
  • JSON.Get<x> = Delivers a JSON element from within an object or the data type of an element

    JSON.GetByName delivers an element that is identified by its key from within a JSON object.

    JSON.GetAt delivers an element that is identified by its position within a JSON array.

    JSON.GetType delivers the type of an element.
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