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Skyhigh Security

Rule Elements

A web security rule on the appliance has three main elements: criteria, action, and (optionally) event.

  1. Criteria. Determines whether a rule applies.

NOTE: Other rule syntaxes use the term condition instead of criteria.

If the category of a URL is in list x, ...
The criteria has three elements: property, operator, and operand

  • Property
    Is related to a web object or a user.
    ... the category of a URL ...
  • Operator
    Links the property to an operand.
    .. is in list ...
  • Operand
    Specifies a value that the property can have.
    ... x (list name), ...

NOTE: The operand is also referred to as parameter on the user interface.

  1. Action
    Is executed if the criteria is matched.
    ... block the URL ...
  2. Event
    Is executed if the criteria is matched.
    ... and log this action.
    An event is optional for a rule. A rule can also have more than one event.
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