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Configure the Hyper-V Server Role for the Windows 2016 Server

Configure the Hyper-V role for the Windows 2016 Server that you have set up. This server role is well suited for hosting another virtual machine that Web Gateway uses as its platform.

  1. Log on to the Windows 2016 Server using RDP.
  2. On the server interface, use the Server Manager to configure the Hyper-V server role.
    1. Select the installation type for role-based and feature-based installations.
    2. From the server pool, select the server where you are logged on.
    3. Select the Hyper-V role for this server.
    4. Configure settings for this server role:
      • Required feature: Include management tools (if applicable)
      • Virtual switch: Microsoft Hyper-V Network Adapter
      • Confirmation mode: Restart the destination server automatically if required
  3. Create the Hyper-V server role with the configured settings.
    When the server role is created, the server restarts and you lose connection to the RDP public port.
  4. When the restart is complete, log on to the server again using RDP with the credentials that you configured.
  5. Wait until a message informs you that the configuration process has finished successfully.

You have now configured the Hyper-V server role for the Windows 2016 Server. Continue with configuring Network Address Translation for Web Gateway, which allows it to connect to the Internet.

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