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Version Numbering

Version numbering for Web Gateway uses a particular numbering scheme for different types of product versions.

Beginning with MWG 8.0, versions are numbered like this:

  • MWG 8.1 — Version with new features
  • MWG 8.1.3 — Update

An update resolves issues that were present in previous versions.

  • MWG — Hotfix

A hotfix usually resolves an issue that occurred at a particular customer's site and is provided only to this customer.

Version groups and iterations

Three consecutive versions with new features are combined in a version group, which is given a code name. With regard to its group, a version is also known as iteration.

For example, MWG 8.0, MWG 8.1, and MWG 8.2 are iterations of the Copper version group.

When a new version group begins, the first digit of the version number changes. For example, the Copper version group will be followed by the Zinc version group, which will include MWG 9.0, MWG 9.1, and MWG 9.2.

NOTE: The distinction between major and minor product versions is irrelevant for Web Gateway.

Version numbers for repositories

When a repository must be activated to upgrade to a particular product version, the version number is specified as a parameter of the mwg-switch-repo command.

NOTE: A version number with two digits can also be specified with three digits, for example, as 8.1 or 8.1.0.

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