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Skyhigh Security

About Notifications

Notifications are email messages sent to users from Skyhigh CASB to provide a system or user information. Three types of Notifications are available in Skyhigh CASB: Global Notifications, User Notifications, and Automatic Notifications.

By default, all email notifications are sent from

Global Notifications

The Settings > Global Notification Settings page allows administrators to enable or disable preexisting System Notifications or create custom notifications using Saved Views. For details, see Global Notification Settings

User Notifications

The User > Notification Settings page allows you as a user to control the Notification emails you want to receive. You can also create notifications of your own using Saved Views. For details see User Notification Settings

Currently, notifications are supported for: 

  • Usage Analytics. Triggers an email notification for any changes that occur in the Usage Analytics Saved Views. 
  • Cloud Governance. Triggers an email notification for any changes that occur in Service Risk Saved Views. 
  • Cloud Connector. Triggers an email notification that describes the overall health and running status of Skyhigh Cloud Connector.

Automatic Notifications

When users perform activities in Skyhigh CASB, if an error occurs, Skyhigh CASB sends an automated notification to the tenant's primary user with a reason for the error. You don't need to configure an automated notification response. 

Template Type Template Sub Type Description
API Health Notification csp-connection Sent when there is an issue connecting to the CSP.
API Health Notification csp-events Sent when there are no events received from the CSP for the last 24 hours.
API Health Notification dlp-integrator Sent when there is a status update from the Enterprise DLP Integrator in the last 30 minutes.
API Health Notification inline-email-events Sent when there are no inline emails received from the CSP for the last 24 hours.
API Health Notification OAuth-disabled Sent when the CSP is disabled after the Access Token can't be refreshed within the allowed period.
.API Health Notification quarantine-folder Sent when the Quarantine Folder in the CSP was deleted/trashed.
API Health Notification token-refresh Sent when the Access Token for the cloud service is not being refreshed properly.
Discover custom objects and fields Object and fields count Sent when new custom objects or custom fields are discovered.
Rate Limit Exceeded Email Notification Sent when the tenant has exceeded the rate limit for sending email notifications.
Threat Protection TP Paused Notification Sent when Threat Protection is paused.
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