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Skyhigh Security

Dashboard Card Types

You can create a custom card and add it to My Dashboard. Cards can be created with the following types. 

Add new caed.png

  • Services:
    • Allowed Denied. Displays the number of allowed, denied, and partially allowed. 
    • Service Risk. Displays the number of low, medium, and high service risks. 
    • Service Usage. Displays the number of users for a service, and the amount of data uploaded. 
  • Users:
    • Users Data. Displays the number of users of a service, the amount of data uploaded, and the number of services. 
  • Incidents:
    • Response Action. Displays the total number of incidents by the response: Quarantine, Delete, or Other.
    • Incident Severity. Displays the number and percentage of incidents, as well as the number of high, low, and medium incidents. 
    • Policy Type. Displays the number of violations. 
  • Threats: 
    • Threats. Displays the total number of threat counts by service name, threat status, and severity. Click the card to go to the Threats page for more information.
  • Anomaly: 
    • Anomaly. Displays the total number of anomalies counts by severity and anomaly status. Click the card to go to the Anomaly page for more information.
  • Connected Apps: 
    • Connected Apps. Displays all Connected Apps by apps, users, or scopes by risk type, status, service accessed, service instance, and more. Click the card to go to the Connected Apps page for more information.  
  • Resources:
    • Resources. Display all AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform compute, networks, storage, and other resources, including the total number and those that are noncompliant and require attention. Click the card to go to the Resources page for more information.
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