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Skyhigh Security

DLP Policy Support for Egnyte

The following DLP Policy Rules and Actions can be used for Egnyte.

Policy Rules 

The following policy rules are supported for Egnyte: all content-based DLP policy rules such as Data Identifier, Keyword, Regular Expression, Unstructured/Structured Data Fingerprint. Also, all metadata rules such as File Name, File Type, and File Size. 

Policy Actions

The following response actions are supported for Egnyte : Quarantine, Delete, Send Email Notification, and User Email Notification. Also, you can use Delete as a policy response action to permanently delete files containing sensitive data. 

Limitations / Known Issues

The following features are NOT supported for Egnyte:

  • Secure Collaboration use cases (collaboration, shared link rules).
  • On-Demand Scan.
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