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Skyhigh Security

Shadow IT: Visibility and Governance


Skyhigh CASB Shadow IT provides visibility into cloud applications used in an organization that goes above and beyond what traditional Firewall and Proxy Log analytics are capable of.

The Shadow IT Cloud Registry, which provides a 50+ attribute risk assessment for more than 20,000 cloud services, is the primary driver behind this. The Cloud Registry allows Skyhigh Security customers to go beyond service categorization (cloud storage, CRM, productivity, etc.) and evaluate the risk of each service according to its attributes. For instance, Skyhigh CASB customers can quickly determine if a provider has the necessary certifications, business processes, and security controls to be approved for corporate use. Services can also be grouped manually, or automatically according to their attributes, which simplifies the task of sorting out which services should be considered for use corporate use, allowed for personal use only, or blocked entirely.


Once service groups been created, these are used within Skyhigh Web Security Gateway Service's existing web enforcement points such as proxies and firewalls to gain risk-based control over cloud services. For example, one service group might be used to block access to cloud storage in untrusted locations while another might warn users that certain services are designated for personal use only.

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