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Skyhigh Security

Not Operator

The NOT operator allows you to exclude Service Names, Service Categories, Service Groups, or any other parameter from your search, to drill down to the specific results you need. You can use multiple NOT operators in a search query for both Shadow and Sanctioned IT data.

To use the NOT operator:

  1. In the Omnibar, enter NOT
  2. The Logical Operator NOT is displayed as a predictive search text. Click it to add NOT to the Omnibar as a pill. 
  3. Anything added after the NOT is excluded from your search.

To add exclusions, you can type in the Omnibar and select from the predictive text, or you can select from the Filters tab. 

NOT Operator Examples

Search for All Services Except Two

In this example, search for all cloud storage services, except NOT Dropbox and OneDrive.


Search for All Service Categories Except One

In this example, search for all Service Categories, except Social Media. 

Use the NOT operator as the first item in the Omnibar, then exclude the Service Category: Social Media


Search for all GDPR Services that Do Not use TLS 1.2 Encryption

In this example, search for all services that are GDPR High Risk that do NOT use TLS 1.2 encryption.


Search for Low-Risk Services that are Not GDPR

In this example, search for all low-risk cloud storage services that are not GDPR compliant.


Known Issue and Workaround

There is a known issue when you search for Service Categories, and try to use the NOT operator to exclude a subcategory. This does not work. 

The workaround is to select the Service Category from the Filters tab, then deselect the subcategory you want to exclude. This provides the search results you need. 


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