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Skyhigh Security

Access Information about Client Proxy on Windows

You can ask users to provide information about the Client Proxy software installed on their Windows-based computers.

  1. On a Windows-based computer, click Start > All Programs > Skyhigh, then click About Skyhigh Client Proxy.
  2. In the Skyhigh Client Proxy window, view this information:
    • Version Number — Version and build number of the client software installed on the computer
    • Active Proxy — Address of the proxy server where the client software is redirecting traffic
    • Connection Status — Shows whether the computer is connected to the network
    • EspMode — checks if Endpoint-Security (ENS) is installed and running on the system. Both Endpoint-Security Web-Control feature and Client Proxy products monitor web traffic and could disturb each other's functionality. If ESP-Mode is ON, Client Proxy sends a signal to Endpoint-security that Client Proxy is up and running. ENS web control then reads settings in its policy and decides whether to stand down or not.
    • Policy Name — Name of the policy that the client software is applying
    • Policy Revision — Revision number of the policy that the client software is applying
    • Policy Timestamp — Time when the policy was deployed to the computer
    • Status — Shows whether Client Proxy is working in active or passive mode
  3. To close the window, click OK.
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