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Skyhigh Security

Create a Client Proxy Policy

A Client Proxy policy consists of a proxy server list, redirection settings, a bypass list, and a block list that together determine whether and where Client Proxy redirects web requests.

Before you begin
You must be logged on to the Trellix ePO, Trellix ePO Cloud, or the Trellix ePO server as an administrator.

You can create a new policy by using an existing policy as a template. As a template, the default policy is read-only and cannot be renamed, deleted, exported, imported, or assigned to the endpoints.

  1. From the main menu, select Policy > Policy Catalog.
  2. From the Products list, select the current version of Client Proxy.
  3. Click New Policy.
  4. From the Create a policy based on this existing policy drop-down list, select an existing policy to use as a template for the new policy.
  5. Specify a name for the new policy, then click OK to save it.

NOTE: While configuring the first policy on Mac system with Big Sur 11.2 and later, an alert is prompted to allow TrellixSystemExtensions Network adaptor. Click Allow to load TrellixSystemExtensions. Client Proxy will not redirect traffic until you choose allow. You need to restart Client Proxy manually to view the consent pane again. For more information, see Configure Skyhigh Client Proxy on macOS.

You can configure the new policy now or cancel the configuration and select and edit the policy from the Policy Catalog later


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