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Skyhigh Security

Help Desk Software

Administrators can perform Client Proxy help desk functions using Skyhigh Security Help Desk extension software, which comes installed with the Client Proxy extension.

All Help Desk operations are saved as events in the Trellix ePO Audit Log.

Using Help Desk, administrators can allow users working on endpoints that have Client Proxy installed to perform these restricted tasks:

  • Remove the Client Proxy software from endpoints running Windows
  • Temporarily bypass Client Proxy policies

When requesting permission to remove software or bypass policies, users must provide a valid business reason. After approving the request, administrators use Help Desk to perform a challenge-response authentication protocol.

Removing software from endpoints running Windows

Typically, administrators use Trellix ePO to remove Client Proxy software from the endpoints. If this option is not available, users on endpoints running Windows can use the Windows uninstall tool to remove the software.

To complete this task, the user and administrator must follow the challenge-response protocol.

Temporarily bypassing a policy

Administrators can give users permission to bypass a policy, allowing them to access or transfer sensitive information for a limited time. To bypass a Client Proxy policy, the user and administrator must complete the challenge-response protocol.

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