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Skyhigh Security

Migration Steps for Reporting(Content Security and Logging Client

Create Reporting user only: 
  1.  Log In to SSE Cloud UI 
  2. Select User Management > Users  
  3. Click Action > Create New User 
  4. Select “User Analytics Users


  1. Role: Enter User details and activate User via activation link send via Mail. 

Content Security Reporter:

Update Log source in CSR: 
  1. Log In to your ePO UI 
  2. Select Report Server Settings 
  3. Select Setting Category “Log Source” 
  4. Create new or edit existing Cloud log source
  5. Make sure “Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway Cloud Service” is selected. 
  6. Verify reporting user credentials and customer id 
  7. Select Region accordingly to what you have configured in “Log Data Residency”
  1. Use "Test” button to verify user credentials. 

Logging Client

Update Logging Client Log source: 

Before you start Uninstall Service to update configuration value. 

  1.  Enter your Reporting user credentials.  
  2.  Select Service “SSE” and Region accordingly to “Log Data Residency” configured in SSE UI 
  3.  API version is referring to reporting field you want to have. 


  1. Click “Install Service” to apply new settings. 


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