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Skyhigh Security

NTLM Agent Versions Availability

NTLM Agent 2.0

Product Version Release Date

McAfee NTLM Agent


June 15, 2021

McAfee NTLM Agent


March 17, 2015

McAfee NTLM Agent


June 17, 2012

* Currently, Skyhigh supports only NTLM Agent 2.1.0 version. All previous NTLM Agent versions have achieved EOL, so we recommend to upgrade the previous NTLM Agent versions to NTLM 2.1.0 (rebranded to Skyhigh) for all your existing deployments. For more details, see NTLM Agent Release Notes.

NTLM Agent 2.1.0

Product Version Release Date

Skyhigh NTLM Agent


May 17, 2023

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