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Updating Secure Web Gateway IP Address Ranges and the Legacy Proxy Domain Name

Skyhigh Security will retire legacy infrastructure used for Secure Web Gateway under Security Service Edge (SSE, formerly: Unified Cloud Edge, UCE).

Review the following list of Points-of-Presence (PoPs) that will be retired beginning November, 30, 2023. Make sure their IP addresses are not hard-coded or otherwise implemented in your configuration after this date anymore.

PoPs are identified here by physical location and IP address range.

Physical location                                   IP address range
Americas/Florida    ,
Americas/New York   ,


Updating IP Address Ranges

New backend infrastructure has been introduced for Secure Web Gateway under Security Service Edge (SSE), see Skyhigh Security Status

For guidance on how to update the IP address ranges in your firewall and business-to-business services configuration, see Secure Web Gateway Network IP Address Ranges to Allow in Access Lists.

Updating the Legacy Proxy Domain Name

From December 31, 2022, Skyhigh Security has retired the legacy proxy domain used under Security Service Edge (SSE) and replaced it with the new domain.

Make sure you have updated the proxy domain name you are using in your SSE products and policies accordingly. The domain name syntax is as follows.

Syntax Remarks
<prefix>.c<customerID> For WPS2 Hybrid customers using Skyhigh Client Proxy (SCP)


Examples Remarks uk is the country prefix for the United Kingdom For WPS2 Hybrid customers using Skyhigh Client Proxy (SCP) with uk as the country prefix for the United Kingdom

For more information about the Hybrid migration, see Migrate from WPS to WPS2 (ePO Managed MCP Agent and Policy). For country and regional prefixes, see Configure Global Routing Manager Country and Region Prefixes.


If you have any questions about these updates, contact Skyhigh Security Support

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