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Browsers Supported by Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

When you are working with Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), shortly referred to as browser isolation, under Skyhigh Security Service Edge, all major browsers are supported, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

All Chromium-based browsers will also work, but we do not validate them regularly.

Regarding browser configuration and updates, we recommend the following.

  • Keep your browsers updated and do not use versions older than a year. For example, using RBI on Chrome versions lower than 100 might not work as expected.

  • As a security measure, configure also group policy settings to keep the browsers on your clients updated. These settings may differ depending on the type of devices that you have installed in your network.
  • If you are using clientless browser isolation, make sure you configure the proxy settings correctly. 

For more information, see the vendor documentation for your browsers. The following articles deal mainly with updating the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Be aware that the above links might not work as expected, as the vendors can modify the paths to these articles and also replace or remove them at any time.


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