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Review Configuration Changes When Working with Secure Web Gateway

When working with Secure Web Gateway on the user interface, you can review your configuration changes before publishing them.

The changes can be related to your web policy. This includes changing rules and rule sets, lists, Feature Configurations, and End User Notification Pages. They can also be related to the setup of the product. 

In the following, it is explained how to review two sample changes made to the rules of your web policy and another sample change made to the setup.

  1. On the user interface for Secure Web Gateway, select Policy > Web Policy > Policy.
  2. From the policy tree in the navigation area on the left, select Global Block > Global Block Lists.

    The selected rule set appears in the configuration area on the right. 

  3. Review the rules that are preset in this rule set. They are shown under Preset Rules

    For example, the Domains Blocklist rule is preset and enabled by default. It blocks requests for web access when the requested domain is in the blocklist used by this rule.

    On the other hand, the Client IPs Blocklist rule is preset, but not enabled by default. When enabled, it blocks requests for web access sent from clients with IP addresses that are in the blocklist used by this rule.

  4. Click the checkboxes for the two rules to disable the Domains Blocklist rule and enable the Client IPs Blocklist rule.


    The rules are disabled and enabled, respectively. A bar with options for handling configuration changes is inserted.


    The bar with the options is only inserted for a few seconds. If it has disappeared and you still want to select an option, click the shield icon for change management in the top right corner.

    Its color turns from gray to yellow after you have made a configuration change.


    Upon clicking the yellow shield icon, the bar with the options for handling changes is reinserted.
  5. Click Review changes.

    A page with a list of your changes appears.


    Click +1 more to view also the other change that you have made.


    If you have a long list of changes, you can use the options that are provided for filtering and searching the list.

    Information about your changes includes the following:

    • Name — Name of the main configuration item that is affected by the changes

      For this sample review, the name of the Global Block Lists rule set, where you disabled and enabled rules, is shown.

    • What Changed — More information about your changes

      For this sample review, it is stated that two rules in the Preset Rules section, the Domains Blocklist and Client IPs Blocklist rules, which you disabled and enabled, respectively, have been updated.

    • Resource — Part of the configuration that is affected by the changes

      For this sample review, the resource shown is Policy, as you changed your web policy.

  6. Review your changes, then select one of the options provided at the bottom of the page.


    You can publish your changes or discard them. You can also keep working and publish the changes later or still discard them if needed.

  7. Change the setup for Secure Web Gateway and review it as another example of how to review configuration changes.

    • Place your mouse pointer over the setup icon in the top-right corner of the user interface. From the menus that open, select Infrastructure > Web Gateway Setup.

    • On the Secure Web Gateway Setup page that appears, scroll down to the Log Data Residency section and click Edit.

    • Under Log Data Residency on the Log Data Settings page, select Australia as the place to store log data from the Asia Pacific region, instead of the default North America


    • Click Save.

      You are redirected to the Secure Web Gateway Setup page.


    • Click the yellow shield icon.

      The bar with the options for handling changes is inserted again.


    • Select Review changes.

      The Review Changes page appears. In addition to the changes you have made to your web policy, it shows the setup change.


    • Review all your changes, then select one of the options provided at the bottom of the page.


      You can again publish your changes or discard them. You can also keep working and publish the changes later or still discard them if needed.

You have now completed a sample review of changes to your configuration for Secure Web Gateway. If you do not want to keep these changes, return to the settings that were previously in place.

You can return to these settings by discarding your changes or by again enabling and disabling the rules that were affected by your changes and by reconfiguring the default settings for log data residency.

For more information about reviewing configuration changes, see Review Changes in Publish Workflow.

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