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Skyhigh Security

About Working with Lists

Many rules rely on lists, for example, a rule that allows requests for web access to skip anti-malware filtering based on domains relies on a list with entries for domains. 

On the Web Policy page of the user interface, you can click the names of the lists used by rules and fill list entries in these lists. Options for replacing a list with another list or creating a list of your own are also provided. For more information, see Web Policy Page.

Lists are themselves listed in a list catalog. They are grouped according to the types of their entries, for example, as string lists or IP address lists. You can go to the List Catalog page to view this catalog and work with its lists. For more information, see List Catalog Page.

If a list is rather long, you can sort and search it, using the options that are provided. For more information, see Sort a List in the List Catalog and Search a List in the List Catalog.

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