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Web Components, Technologies, and Policies

Secure Web Gateway consists of the web components that connect users and the technologies that connect sites to Secure Web Gateway, where web traffic is filtered according to the policy you configure.

The web components include:

  • Client Proxy installed on laptops — Connects users working on laptops to Secure Web Gateway.
  • Mobile Cloud Security configured on mobile devices — Connects users working on mobile devices to Secure Web Gateway.

These technologies connect local or remote sites to Secure Web Gateway:

  • IPsec tunnels
  • GRE tunnels

Setting up and Configuring Secure Web Gateway

The following are important tasks for the web administrator to complete:

  1. The web administrator sets up the web components and configures the web policy.
  2. The administrator manages Client Proxy policies and selects the active policy. Client Proxy redirects the users' web requests to Secure Web Gateway for filtering according to the location awareness and traffic redirection settings in the active policy.
  3. After the administrator sets up the Mobile Cloud Security, software on the mobile devices redirects users' web requests to Secure Web Gateway for filtering.
  4. The administrator configures the rules that make up the web policy. Secure Web Gateway filters all web requests according to the configured rules, blocking bad web traffic while allowing good traffic to continue to the Internet.
  5. The administrator configures an IPsec or GRE tunnel from an office location or remote site to Secure Web Gateway. The cloud service receives web requests through the configured tunnel and filters them according to the web policy.
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