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Skyhigh Security

Notification Pages

When a rule of your web policy applies on Secure Web Gateway, an action is executed. For example, a request for web access that a user sent is blocked. A notification can be sent to notify the user of this block or any other action that has been taken.

The notification usually includes more information such as the URL of a blocked request, the reason why a request or response was blocked, and other relevant data.

For example, when a web server sends a file in response to a request from a user who wants to download the file, this response is blocked if the filtering process finds the file to be malware-infected. An anti-malware notification page can then be sent to the user.

The notification pages are based on templates, which include preset text that differs depending on which action was taken, as well as variable information about the parameters of this action.

You can edit these templates as follows to make them suit your requirements.

  • Edit preset templates You can insert a logo and the name of your organization or department in these templates, as well as some text, for example, about your acceptable use policy. The preset text and variable fields cannot be edited. 

  • Edit the template for the Custom Block Page There is no preset text here, which allows you to write custom text for this template. Otherwise, you can insert the same items as in the preset templates. For details see Customize Block Pages with Web Policy Code

  • Download templates for editing You can download all templates from Secure Web Gateway, edit them offline, and upload them again. For more information, see Edit Notification Templates.
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