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About Configuring a Web Policy

The rules of your web policy protect the traffic that originates when the cloud users of your organization access the web, for example, when they browse websites or download files.

You can configure your web policy as follows:

  • Configure the default rules — You can configure the rules in the rule sets that are available by default after you have initially set up Secure Web Gateway. For example, you can specify that anti-malware filtering should not be performed if a user requests the download of a file from a website that is considered safe.

    For an overview of the default rule sets, see Default Rule Sets — Overview. For an example of how to configure the rules in a particular rule set, see Global Block Lists — Block Access to Web Objects Globally

  • Create your own rules — You can create rules of your own using the Rule Builder that is provided. For more information, see Create a Rule with the Rule Builder.

  • Work with the web policy code — You can work with the code that underlies the rules of your web policy. For more information, see About the Web Policy Code.

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