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Skyhigh Security

Required Roles for Web Setup and Policy Management

The Skyhigh CASB administrator creates users and assigns them web protection roles, so that they can access the web setup and policy configuration areas of the UI.

For information about user roles allowing access to other areas, see About user roles and access levels.

Skyhigh CASB users

Skyhigh CASB supports these types of users:

  • Skyhigh CASB Account Administrator — This administrator can create Skyhigh CASB users.
  • Skyhigh CASB User — These users can log on to Skyhigh CASB.

Access control

The administrator assigns roles to users. The type of role assignment determines the type of access the user has in the assigned role:

  • Read Only — Users have read-only permission.
  • Manage — Users have read and write permissions.

Roles for web protection users

Each role allows read-only or read and write access to different setup or configuration areas in Skyhigh CASB.

Role Users with manage permissions can...
Administrator | Setup & Configuration Access WGCS Setup as follows and complete the setup tasks: 
Settings | Infrastructure | Web Gateway Setup
Policy Management | Feature Configuration Access Feature Configuration in the Web Policy UI and configure the features

Policy Management | List Catalog

Access the List Catalog in the Web Policy UI and configure the lists.

Policy Management | Web Policy

Access and configure these areas of the Web Policy UI:
  • Policy tree — Configure policy rules here.
  • Block Page Templates — Customize block pages here.

Policy Management | Web Policy Code

Open the Advanced view of the rules in the Web Policy UI and configure the rules in code view.

Usage Analytics Users

Access and configure the web protection dashboard and analytics, as follows:
  • Dashboards | Web Dashboard
  • Analytics | Web Traffic
  • Analytics | Web Malware


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