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Create an Activity Control Ruleset

Before you begin to configure your web policy, you must add and configure at least one shadow cloud service from the Service Catalog for the Activity Control ruleset to take effect. For example, you can select Box from the Service Catalog, then block Download and Upload activities and allow Edit and Post activities.

  1. On the user interface for Secure Web Gateway, go to Policy > Web PolicyPolicy.
    You are redirected to the Getting Started page under the Web Policy tree.
  2. From the Web Policy tree, select Application Control.
  3. On the Application Control page, click Actions and then click Add New Ruleset.
  4. From the Application Control Rulesets menu, select the checkbox corresponding to Activity Control and click Add.
    The new Activity Control ruleset is created with default settings on the Web Policy tree, under the Application Control ruleset library.
  5. On the Activity Control page, under Individual Services rule, click Add Individual Services.
    The Individual Services rule is applied to the Activity Control ruleset in this example. You can apply other Activity Control rules to the ruleset. For details on each Activity Control rule, see Configuring Rules for Activity Control.
  6. From the Select Individual Services menu, select the checkbox corresponding to the shadow cloud service and click Done.
    The selected shadow cloud service is added under the Individual Services rule.
  7. Under Individual Services, click Select Activities to Block corresponding to the shadow cloud service.
  8. From the Activities menu, select the checkbox corresponding to the user activity and click OK.
  9. Select the checkbox corresponding to the configured shadow cloud service. This applies a block on the selected user activities for the corresponding shadow cloud service. 
    Ensure that the Status of the Activity Control ruleset is On.

The Activity Control ruleset is applied to your web policy so that the selected user activities are blocked based on the shadow cloud service configured in your Activity Control ruleset.  

Any changes to the policy tree, rule sets, or rules are saved automatically. You can either publish them to the cloud right away or continue working and publish them later. For details, see Applying Web Policy Changes Globally

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