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Skyhigh Security

Step 2: Configure MDM

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you upload the CA certificates to Secure Web Gateway before you configure the Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. For details, see Step 1: Upload CA Certificates to Secure Web Gateway.


Configuring Skyhigh Mobile Cloud Security involves integrating with an MDM (such as VMware, Ivanti Neurons, or Intune) and configuring a VPN profile before traffic is filtered.

How it Works?

  1. In your organization's MDM solution, configure an identity certificate profile. 
  2. Configure the VPN profile which references the identity certificate profile. When the user logs on to the device and registers it, the MDM signs the identity or device certificate with the CA certificate and downloads the signed certificate and VPN profile to the device.
  3. The device uses the signed certificate to authenticate to the VPN gateway. The VPN gateway creates a secure VPN tunnel with the device. Skyhigh Security WGCS filters the HTTP/HTTPS traffic, allowing or blocking web requests according to Cloud Application Control policies.

After the steps are completed, the software on the device starts redirecting HTTP/HTTPS traffic to WGCS through the VPN gateway.

Configure an MDM Solution

You can use various MDM solutions such as VMware, Microsoft Intune, or Ivanti Neurons to manage the Android or iOS devices that you include when configuring Mobile Cloud Security (MCS) with Secure Web Gateway. For details on configuring various MDM solutions, see the following:

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