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Configure VMware Workspace ONE UEM MDM for iOS

NOTE: The partner name formerly known as Airwatch is now VMware Workspace ONE UEM. So, this topic has been updated with relevant information. However, the screenshots still refer to Airwatch, which will be updated in future releases.

Enroll a Device in VMware Workspace ONE UEM MDM

  1. Login to VMware Workspace ONE UEM MyDevice portal to register the device.


  1. Click Add Device to register a new device.


Complete Device Details

Fields Include:

  • Friendly Name
  • Platform
  • Model
  • OS
  • Device Ownership
  • Message Type (select QR Code to generate a QR code with details)

The QR code will be generated after completing all the field details. Don't close the screen showing the QR code.


Download the App from the Apple App Store

Go to Apple App Store on your iPhone and download VMware Workspace ONE UEM IntelligentHub application.

Scan the QR Code

Open the Intelligent Hub app on your iPhone and click QR Code to scan the QR code which has been created in the web portal. After successfully scanning the Username and Password field will appear and be auto filled with the details previously provided.
User name: [USERNAME]
Password: [PASSWORD]

The user is now successfully logged in into the app.

Download the MDM Profile to your iPhone

The app will redirect to a web page and that will download the Mobile Device Management profile to your iPhone. Install that profile from the Settings of your iPhone.
You can check the installed profile in the Settings General Profiles section of your iPhone.

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