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Skyhigh Security

Manage Field Identifiers

You can manage and add field identifiers on the Encryption Policy page. 

  1. Find the object and field you want to manage identifiers for, open it, and click the number in the Identifier column. 
  2. On the Manage Field Identifiers page, you can see the object and field, and all identifiers that are currently associated with them. 
  3. To add an identifier, click Add Identifier
  4. Select the following:
    • Page. Select the page where the field occurs. If this is a custom page, select Create a New Page
      • Page Name. Enter the new page name. 
      • Relative URL Path. Enter the relative URL path for the page. 
      • Transaction Type. Select a transaction type from the list. 
    • Form Field ID. Enter the form field ID. 
    • Format. Select the URL Encoding format from the list. 
  5. Click Save
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