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Policy Templates for Secure Collaboration

NOTE: From the SSE 6.6.2 release, the Policy Templates that contain Data Identifiers (legacy DLP features) are available to users who have already defined DLP policies using these templates. It will not be available to other users. Skyhigh recommends using classifications to define rules in your DLP policies. For details, see About Classifications.

IMPORTANT: Secure Collaboration policies apply only to SaaS services, not to AWS or Azure CSPs.  

Policy Name Benchmark Description
Credit Card Sharing   This policy detects valid Credit Card Numbers from Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, JCB and Diners Club along with keyword validation, and for a shared link collaboration. As a response, it also automatically revokes the shared link.
Remove External Collaboration   This API policy is designed to control sharing with partners, and blocks data sharing from any user at to another user that is not part of or a trusted partner (i.e.
Personal Email Collaboration   This policy looks for collaboration with personal email domains.
External collaboration of confidential documents   This policy deletes documents, which have confidential keywords in the metadata/header, if they are shared within
External Collaboration   This policy is designed to control sharing with partners and block data sharing from any user within competitor (
Collaboration of Confidential Documents   This policy blocks any collaboration activity on confidential documents with external domains.
Sharing with Competitors   This policy enforces real-time collaboration control. It blocks all sharing activity with any competitors.
Tag/Classify Confidential Documents   This policy detects confidential documents in OneDrive and SharePoint, and tags those documents.
Enforce View Access for External Collaborators   This policy detects collaboration activity with external users, and it enforces view access.
Prevent Anonymous Collaboration with Internal Users   This policy blocks create link activities for organization-level access to confidential documents.
Prevent Anonymous Collaboration with Any User (External and Internal)   This policy blocks the creation of anonymous links on any confidential document.
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