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Skyhigh Security

Access Control IP Allow List

On the Policy > Access Control > IP Allow List page you can create ranges of allowed IP addresses. Traffic going to Cloud Service Providers through these IP address ranges will not be blocked or register as risky traffic. 


Add an IP Range

To add an IP range:

  1. Click Add another IP range.
  2. Title. Enter a title for the IP rage. 
  3. From. Enter the start of the IP range. 
  4. To. Enter the end of the IP range. 
  5. Type. Select a type from the menu. 
    • Allow List for Service
    • Use in Policy
  6. Notes. Enter any notes for this IP range. 
  7. Click Save IP Range

Edit an IP Range

To edit an existing IP range:

  1. Click the Pencil icon. 
  2. Make any changes. 
  3. Click Save IP Range

Delete an IP Range

To delete an existing IP range, click the X icon. 

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