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Create Exact Data Matching (EDM) Classification

Exact Data Match (EDM) fingerprints allow you to define classification criteria for the user records exported from a database (in rows and columns) to a .csv or .tsv file. You can select the required rows and columns to classify your file.

NOTE: Before you create classification using EDM, you need to create a Fingerprint and generate an Index. For details, see Create Fingerprint.

To create a Classification using EDM:

  1. Log In to Skyhigh CASB.
  2. Go to Policy > DLP Policies > Classifications.
  3. Click Actions > Create Classification
  4. Configure the following:
    • Classification Name. Enter a name for this classification. For example, EDM1. Enter an optional description to describe its use or purpose.
    • Category. Select a Category from the list. For this example, select Health Care.
    • Conditions. For IF, select Exact Data Matching. The Exact Data Matching cloud card displays.
  5. Select the required Fingerprint Name from the list and fingerprints containing rows and columns are auto-populated.
  6. Select the required rows and columns for classification and configure the other EDM match criteria. For details, see EDM Fingerprints Match Criteria.
  7. Click Save

Your new Classification becomes available in the table on the Classifications page. 

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