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Skyhigh Security

Configure Ionic DRM

Skyhigh CASB uses a Server Enrollment method to connect with Ionic SDK for protecting documents.

To enable the integration with Ionic, you have to specify Server Enrollment Endpoint and upload an assertion file in Skyhigh CASB’s DRM configuration section. Please contact Ionic to obtain the steps for enabling server enrollment for your Ionic tenant and for generating the assertion file that you need to upload in Skyhigh CASB. 

DRM Config.png


Using a Key Agent on a Linux Host with Ionic as a Key Server

If your organization hosts a key agent on Linux and uses Ionic as a key server, system entropy on the host must be greater than 300. This is a requirement.

To check the available amount of entropy, run this command on the shell:


If the entropy is less than 300, then the Haveged daemon can be used to increase the amount of entropy available to the Ionic SDK.

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