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Enable Rolodex Encryption

Use the Rolodex Encryption scheme when the order of the encrypted content (alphabetic/numeric sort order) must be preserved, and also when searches are run on this ordered data. 

The Rolodex Encryption scheme was created specifically for use with the Salesforce Rolodex sorting feature, which displays records based on the first letter of the first and last name. This scheme preserves the first letter, then encrypts the rest of the first and last name. Even though this scheme reduces encryption strength, it allows records to be sorted alphabetically, even after encryption. 

IMPORTANT: This scheme is the highest functionality and lowest security encryption scheme. Take care when assessing the tradeoffs associated with its use.

Enable Rolodex Encryption

To enable Rolodex Encryption for your managed instance of Salesforce, you must add two service properties. 

  1. Choose Settings > Service Management
  2. Select your Salesforce instance.
  3. Under Managed Services, find the Salesforce service you want to configure encryption for, and select Add Properties.
    1. Set the globalsearch.priority.order property to rolodexEncryption to make sure that objects configured with this encryption scheme always appears in the search results.
    2. Set the shn.rolodex.encr.enable property to true to enable this feature.
  4. Click Save
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