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Add Policy Templates to a CSP

NOTE: From the SSE 6.6.2 release, the Policy Templates that contain Data Identifiers (legacy DLP features) are available to users who have already defined DLP policies using these templates. It will not be available to other users. Skyhigh recommends using classifications to define rules in your DLP policies. For details, see About Classifications.

To make sure you have a strong set of DLP policies, you can bulk-import relevant Policy Templates to a Cloud Service Provider. This allows you to customize policies as you identify new opportunities for DLP.

To bulk-add Policy Templates to a CSP:

  1. Choose Policy > Policy Templates.
  2. On the Filters tab, under Service Applicable To, click the name of a CSP that needs DLP policies. This example uses Google Drive.
  3. Click the Table view. A list of templates displays.
  4. Click the select all box to the left of Template Name.
  5. Click Actions > Create Policy.
  6. Review the policies included in the confirmation screen, then click Create Policies.

After processing the policies are added, you will see a green confirmation message.

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