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Seclore DRM for External Users in SharePoint

Limited Availability: Seclore DRM for External Users in SharePoint is a Limited Availability feature. To enable Seclore DRM for External Users in SharePoint, contact Skyhigh Support.


Before you begin, make sure that internal collaborators are available for files owned by external users in SharePoint.

Configure Seclore DRM for External Users

Skyhigh CASB’s integration with Seclore allows security admins to apply DRM protection on sensitive files shared by external users in SharePoint. Skyhigh CASB leverages the internal users (collaborators) information (Email ID) to encrypt the files uploaded by external users to SharePoint sites. Files owned by external users in SharePoint are identified and encrypted via Seclore DRM.

For example, say your organization has a SharePoint site ( and the organization wants to protect sensitive data being uploaded by external users to this SharePoint site. When an internal user shares this site with an external user, and the external user uploads a sensitive file to the SharePoint site, Skyhigh CASB detects the file during DLP inspection and uses any of the internal user's information for DRM encryption.

NOTE: Skyhigh CASB also provides Seclore DRM protection for files owned by internal users that no longer exist in the organization's user directory. If the file owner is an invalid or external user, Skyhigh CASB applies DRM protection using internal collaborator's details.



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