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Find New and Updated Policy Templates

icons.png  Watch an interactive demo about Find New and Updated Policy Templates

Skyhigh Security occasionally adds new Policy Templates, or updates them as recommendations change. You can easily search for and find new and Updated Policy Templates using the Filters tab. The date in the Added column changes when an existing Policy Template is updated. 

Then you can use the Not Used filter to find Policy Templates that are not currently used in your tenant. 

To find new Policy Templates:

  1. On the Policy Templates page, select the Table icon, under the Omnibar
  2. On the Filters tab, select filters for the Policy Type, Business Requirement, Service Applicable To, or other requirements to find the templates for your use case. 
  3. Sort the Added column in descending order to find the newest policy templates, sorted by date added. You can also find updated existing templates by date. 
  4. Select the Usage > Not Used filter to find templates that are not currently being used in your tenant.

For more information about Policy Templates, see About the Policy Templates Page

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