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About Legacy Data Identifiers Migration

Data Identifiers are legacy DLP features that will no longer be supported by the end of June 2025, it is recommended to use a classification-based approach for all your DLP use cases. 

To simplify the migration of your DLP policies from Data Identifiers to Classification, the table below summarizes the supported use cases for different match conditions in both Data Identifiers and Classifications. It also provides a detailed comparison of Data Identifiers and Classifications use cases for different match conditions with instructions on executing those use cases.

Using this table, you can ensure a smooth transition from Data Identifiers to Classification, while protecting the security and confidentiality of your sensitive information.

Quick Comparison View  Detailed Comparison View
Supported Use Cases for Data Identifiers vs Classifications Use Cases Implementation for Data Identifiers vs Classifications 

Suppose you are using the Pre-canned Data Identifiers in your policies. In that case, you can use the Comparison of Pre-canned Data Identifiers and Pre-canned Classification table to find the closest Pre-canned classification to replace it within your policy. 

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