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Skyhigh Security

File Path/Folder ID Rules

File Path/Folder ID rules allow you to apply DLP policies only to files in a particular folder, or to exclude that folder from DLP policies.

This rule allows you to define:

  • Use a predefined dictionary and select from the list. 
  • Manually enter Select File Name and specify a comma-separated list of file paths or folder IDs. Standard "glob” operators are supported (for example, */legal/internal/* indicates files and folders in legal>>internal folder).clipboard_e1cfd891baa5241cf602d862c550e9eb9.png

File Formats for CSPs

Different CSPs use different File Path and Folder ID formats. 

Folder ID

  • Box. Uses Folder ID. 
  • Google Drive. Uses Folder ID. 


  • SharePoint. Uses sites.
  • OneDrive. Uses the following formats:
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