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Create a Classification using Document Property Sets

Document Property Sets are used to create Classifications to detect documents based on file metadata, such as Author, Keywords (Tags), or Last Saved By. You can also create custom Document Properties to detect custom tags. 

To create a Classification to detect Document Properties:

  1. In Skyhigh CASB, select Policy > DLP Policies > Classifications.
  2. Click Actions > Create Classification
  3. Classification Name. Enter a name for this classification. For example, New Document Property Set. Enter an optional description to describe its use or purpose.
  4. Category. Select a Category from the list. For this example, select PII.
  5. Conditions. For IF, select Document Properties. The Select Document Property Sets cloud card displays.
  6. Click New
  7. On the Document Property name card, you can Add Property or Add Custom Property.
    1. Click Add Property > Add Property
      1. Select a Property:
        • Any Property
        • Name
        • Author
        • Category
        • Comments
        • Company
        • Keywords (Tags)
        • Last Saved By
        • Manager Name
        • Security
        • Template
        • Title
      2. Select an Operator:
        • is one of
        • contains all of
        • contains one of
        • is not empty
      3. Enter a Value, or multiple Values separated by commas. 
    2. Or click Add Property > Add Custom Property.
      1. Enter a name for your custom property. 
      2. Select an Operator
      3. Enter a Value, or multiple Values separated by commas. 
  8. Add more Document Properties if needed, then click Save
  9. Your new Document Property Set becomes available in the cloud card, so you can add it to your Classifications. 
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