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Skyhigh Security

Troubleshoot On-Demand Scans

In the case of a failed scan, the Status column displays the number of errors detected during the scan. Click the error count to display a list of errors and suggested resolutions.

The list of critical errors is provided in the following table.

Error Message

Suggested Resolution

Cloud Service Error

API Endpoints are currently not available. This is a temporary issue and should be resolved shortly. Contact Skyhigh CASB Support for updates or try again later.

Configuration Error

This message indicates an issue between Skyhigh CASB and the scanned service. Check the following items:

  • Make sure API access is enabled for the sanctioned service.
  • Make sure the policies linked to the scan are enabled.
  • Make sure scan options are valid. For example, make sure that included user accounts are active, Site Collection names for SharePoint are correct, etc.
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