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Skyhigh Security

On-Demand Scans and Machine Learning

Skyhigh CASB relies on Skyhigh Security Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) to scan data for malware signatures. Skyhigh CASB can detect the following unusual cloud activity: botnets exfiltrating data via shadow cloud services by leveraging algorithms.

  • Probabilistic TF-IDF Ranking. Multidimensional probabilistic weights based inverse indices for computed at a user-URL level. The indices provide a coloring scheme to differentiate esoteric URLs (top indices) from the popular/noisy URLs (bottom indices). Esoteric URLs are furthered analyzed in a multi-customer setting. 
  • Discrete Fourier Transforms (DFT). The Piccolo algorithm is used along with Akaike Information Criterion to detect short and multiple periodicities in the cloud activity patterns by users for a pre-determined set of suspected URLs (using probabilistic TF-IDF ranking). The DFT coefficients help identify programmatic behaviors while variance filtering techniques help in reducing the false-positives. 
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