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Skyhigh Security

Data Storage for IBM Cloud

The Policy Settings Data Storage tab allows you to configure data storage settings for Match HighlightingIncident Notes, and Policy Incident Remediation

To store your data, you can use Skyhigh Security data storage, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, or Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Create an IBM Cloud Storage Bucket

  1. Log in to the IBM Cloud Platform account.
  2. Go to the IBM Cloud Object Storage instance and create an IBM Cloud Storage bucket. For details, see Create buckets to store your data.

IMPORTANT: Do not enable the Retention Policy. If you enable a Retention Policy, the connection to Skyhigh CASB in the next section will fail, and Match Highlighting will not work. 

Configure Data Storage in Skyhigh CASB

To configure data storage for IBM Cloud:

  1. Go to Policy > Policy Settings
  2. Select the Data Storage tab.
  3. Under Data Store, select Your Own
  4. From Data Store Provider, select IBM Cloud
  5. Enter the API Key
  6. Enter the Bucket Name
  7. Select your Region from the menu. 
  8. Enter the Service Endpoint
  9. Enter the Resource Instance ID
  10. Enter the IAM Token Endpoint
  11. Click Test Connection
  12. Click Save.

NOTE: If the Test Connection fails, first verify that all parameters are correct. If it still fails, then contact Skyhigh Security Support, and provide the error message from the failure. If you need to update parameters after saving them, Skyhigh Security Support can enable this. 

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