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Create an EDM (Enhanced) Fingerprint

Create an EDM (Enhanced) fingerprint and train your data. Once created, generate an index, then you can use the EDM fingerprint in a DLP policy to run scans to secure your company's sensitive data. 

Create an EDM (Enhanced) Structured Fingerprint

  1. Go to Policy > DLP Policies > Fingerprints
  2. Go to Create Fingerprint > Structured Fingerprint > Create Enhanced Fingerprint.
  3. On the Create an Enhanced Structured Fingerprint page, configure the following options:
    1. Fingerprint Name. Enter a name for the fingerprint. 
    2. Source File. Enter the path to the .csv or .tsv source file that holds the data you want to fingerprint. For example:
      • Unix. file:///folder/fileNameWithoutExtension
      • Unix. /etc/folderA/file.csv
      • Windows. file:///c:/WINDOWS/file.csv
      • Windows. \\Server1\Share\file.csv
      • Windows. c:\folderA\file.csv
    3. Location to store generated hashes. Enter the path to the folder where your locally generated hashed files are stored. Space allocated for this should be about 10–20% of the size of the data to be fingerprinted. For example:
      • Unix. /etc/folderA
      • Unix. file:///etc/folderB
      • Windows. file:///c:/folderC/folderA
      • Windows. c:\folderC\folderA
      • Windows. \\Server1\Share\folderB

NOTE: The source file should be located on the system where the DLP integrator is installed.

  1. Column Separator. Select the delimiter character that separates the columns of your source file. Select either Comma, Tab, Pipe, or Custom. For example, selecting Custom
    • Add Custom Column Separator. Enter a character to use as a custom column separator. 
  1. Click Save

Generate an Index

After you have created your fingerprint for the first time, generate the index. Or generate a new index when new files have been added to the host computer. 

  1. Choose Policy > DLP Policies > Fingerprints
  2. Find the fingerprint you want to generate an index for. 
  3. In the Actions column, click Generate Index

This triggers index generation by the on-prem DLP Integrator, but you can cancel the generation anytime. 

Indexes are present until the fingerprint is deleted



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