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South American Personal Identity

Skyhigh CASB supports the following definitions, validation, and keyword information for South American Personal Identity data identifiers. 

NOTE: Skyhigh CASB regex includes an extra backslash to conform with JSON string structure. Naked regex would have only one backslash, but regex in strings requires the extra backslash to be escaped. For more information, see

Data Identifier Definition Validation Keyword
Brazilian Election Identification Number The Brazilian Election Identification number is an official identity document. In Brazil, voting is required for all citizens between 18 and 70 years old.  "\\d{5}[0]\\d{3}",
  • election ID
  • identification number
  • electrol no.
  • voter ID
  • electrol identification number
  • Voter ID
  • electrol number
  • election voter ID
  • Electrol Number
  • Electrol No.
  • Identification Number
  • Election Identification No.
  • número de identificação
  • identificação do eleitor
  • número de identificação eleitoral
  • ID eleitor eleição
  • Número identificação eleitoral brasileira
Brazilian National Registry of Legal Entities (CNPJ)

The Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Juridica (CNPJ), or National Registry of Legal Entities, is an identification number issued to Brazilian companies by the Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil. 

The CNPJ consists of a 14-digit number formatted as 00.000.000/0001-00.

The first eight digits identify the company, the four digits after the slash identify the branch or subsidiary ("0001" defaults to the headquarters), and the last two are check digits.

"\\d{2}.\\d{3}.\\d{3}[/]\\d{4}[ -]?\\d{2}",
"\\d{8}[/]\\d{4}[ -]?\\d{2}",
  • Brazil legal entities number
  • legalnumber#
  • legal ID
  • legal no.
  • Brazilianlegalno#
  • legalnumber#
  • legal no.
  • legal entities number
  • CNPJ
  • CNPJ:
  • CNPJ#
  • cnpj#
  • cnpj CNPJ n º
  •  Registro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicasn º
  •  entidades jurídicas ID
Brazilian Natural Persons Register (CPF)

The Cadastro de Pessoas Fisicas (CPF; Portuguese for "Natural Persons Register") is the Brazilian individual taxpayer registry identification number attributed by the Brazilian Federal Revenue to all Brazilians and resident aliens who pay taxes. 

The number printed on the document is an eleven-digit figure, of which the two last numbers are the result of an arithmetic operation on the nine previous numbers so that any typing mistake will result in an invalid number.

"\\d{9}[ -]?\\d{2}"
  • registry of individuals
  • CPF#
  • cpf#
  • cpf no
  • CPF no
  • Registration number
  • natural persons registry no
  • cpf no
  • natural persons record no
  • cpfno#
  • CPFno#
  • Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas
  • pessoas singulares
  • registro NO
  • pessoa natural número de registro


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