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Skyhigh Security

About Enterprise DLP

Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) integrates Skyhigh Security Cloud with any on-premises DLP solution that supports the ICAP protocol. This enables Skyhigh Security Cloud to integrate with solutions such as Trellix ePO, Broadcom/Vontu, RSA, or others. 


The workflow diagram illustrates the following steps:

  1. Skyhigh Security Cloud monitors the service provider for content changes.
  2. Skyhigh Security Cloud scans new files and messages in the service provider per the configured DLP policy.
  3. A list of files that need examination pass via ICAP to the on-prem DLP solution for further review.
  4. For files that violate the DLP policy, Skyhigh CASB can enforce response actions in the service, such as quarantining the file and leaving a "tombstone" file as a message in its place.

To configure Enterprise DLP, in the Skyhigh Security Cloud, go to Policy > Policy Settings.

For details, see Configure Enterprise DLP


  • The Skyhigh DLP Integrator must be installed before enabling Enterprise DLP. For instructions, see Install the DLP Integrator
  • Enterprise DLP can only be enabled for one Skyhigh DLP policy.
  • Enterprise DLP does not support de-duplication for incidents.
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