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Skyhigh Security

Add Users to Watchlists

Once you have created a watchlist, you can add and manage users. 

Add to Watchlist

To manage large groups of users, you can add users to Watchlists for future reference. 

  1. On the Analytics > Users page, select the checkbox for a user. Or you can select multiple users. 
  2. Click Actions > Add to Watchlist
  3. You can add a user to multiple watchlists by selecting the appropriate checkboxes.
  4. Click Done.

Edit Watchlists

To edit the Watchlists that a user is assigned to:

  1. On the Analytics > Users page, select a user's table row to display the Users Cloud Card.
  2. Click the Watchlists assigned to the user. 
  3. On the Edit Watchlist dialog, add or remove Watchlists. 
  4. Click Done

Show All Users in a Watchlist

To show all users in a Watchlist:

  1. On the Analytics > Users page, select the Filters tab. 
  2. Select the Watchlist Group Filter you want to see the users for.
  3. All users are displayed in the table view. 


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