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Create a Classification using File Encryption Types

You can create a Classification and select File Encryption types to detect them in your files. 

To create a Classification to detect File Encryption types:

  1. In Skyhigh CASB, select Policy > DLP Policies > Classifications.
  2. Click Actions > Create Classification
  3. Classification Name. Enter a name for this classification. For example, New File Encryption. Enter an optional description to describe its use or purpose.
  4. Category. Select a Category from the list. For this example, select Regulations.
  5. Conditions. For IF, select File Encryption. The Select Encryption Types cloud card displays.
  6. Select a File Encryption Type from the list of supported types:
    • Not Encrypted
    • Azure Rights Management Encryption
    • Microsoft Rights Management Encryption
    • Seclore Rights Management Encryption
    • StormShield Rights Management Encryption
    • Trellix Encrypted Self Extractor
    • Trellix Endpoint Encryption
    • Unsupported encryption types or password protected file
  7. Add any other Conditions for your rule and click Save

Your new Classification becomes available in the table on the Classifications page. 

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